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Service Dog Training in Columbus

Train Your Dog to Become a Service Dog

Train your dog to become a service dog!

Enroll your dog into a customized Service Dog Training Program and let your dog take care of you.

Service dogs are trained to help anyone with a disability, including physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental impairments.

These service dogs are not only a man’s best friend, they can be crucial to improving your daily lifestyle. When trained, service dogs are incredibly aware of their surroundings, keeping you or a loved one safe and living your best life.

Marcum K9 does not breed or sell service dogs, instead we provide service dog training both in your home and in our own service dog training facility in Columbus, Ohio. By choosing your own dog for service training, we get straight to work to build upon the bond that already exists and teach your dog to observe and react to your body language and commands.

We individually customize the service dog training program in Columbus specifically to your needs. Our goal is to improve the lines of communication between you and your dog, catered to manage your disability.

What Are Some Types of Service Dog Training?

The most famous type of service dog training is likely the guide dog for people who are vision-impaired. However, there is much, much more that our best friends can be trained to help us with.

We offer professional service dog training in Columbus in the following areas:

Psychiatric Service

Psychiatric service dogs (PSDs) are trained to work with people who have certain mental illnesses or learning disabilities. This service dog training in Columbus can teach them to support you emotionally during periods of high stress or anxiety to help calm you down.

They can also be trained to perform physical tasks like waking you up on time in the morning (or if you’re having a nightmare), reminding you to take medication, or even bringing you water if you need it.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are not the same as PSDs, though some of their tasks may overlap. PSDs are trained to perform specific physical tasks related to a mental illness, while ESAs are more generally trained to stay calm in stressful situations to provide comfort and support during difficult times.

Therapy Dogs

Service dog training for therapy dogs has a lot of the same features of service dog training for ESAs, with one key difference. Therapy dogs are often trained to provide support and comfort to people other than their owner. They are typically trained for places like schools, hospitals, retirement homes, and disaster relief areas.

Retrieving Items

Service dog training often involves teaching a dog to retrieve important items such as medication, medical devices, water or food, phones, and more.

Medical & Alert Training

For people who are at high risk of a sudden medical emergency, service dog training in Columbus can help bring you a furry best friend who can recognize and react to the signs of an impending medical crisis and signal for help, potentially saving your life.

Hearing Impairment Training

Many people understand the importance of service dog training for the visually impaired, but service dog training for the hearing impaired is also crucial! These service dogs are trained to react to common household sound cues like doorbells, smoke alarms, oven timers, or even a baby’s cry. This helps a hearing-impaired owner react to these sound cues appropriately and safely.

Mobility Support Training

Service dog training in Columbus for mobility support helps people with physical impairments get from place to place. That can mean helping them perform simple tasks like picking up dropped objects and turning switches on and off, or it can mean acting as a physical support to help someone get up and down stairs, into bed, or to the bathroom.

We Train Many Service Dog Skills

Enroll Your Dog In Service Dog Training Today!


There’s no doubt that service dogs are incredible, intelligent, and loyal creatures that we owe a lot to. But service dog training in Columbus isn’t magic – it’s a proven process, and it can work for your dog just as well as any other.

Enroll your dog into a customized Service Dog Training Program and let your dog take care of you. Contact us today or schedule a consultation to find out how.

Take a Peek at How We Do It!

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The Marcum K9 Training Process

From obedience basics to specialized skills, our expert trainers guide every paw toward success, ensuring each session is as exciting as rewarding.

Arrange a Consultation

During your initial training consultation at our Canal Winchester facility, we will assess your dog's temperament, any training skills it may already know, and the most significant challenges you're currently facing.

Training Programs

We understand that each dog is unique, and so are their needs. As we discuss your needs and goals for dog training, our staff will help you devise a plan of attack to get your four-legged friend trained in no time!

Training Classes

The time has come to start the training process. Whether we teach you and your dog one-on-one or enroll in group puppy classes, our expert trainers are there for you along the way! 

Training Maintenance

The work isn’t done once the dog training classes are complete! If you do not use the techniques learned in the training program, your dog can lose the skill over time. Make it a habit to use the commands daily with your dog so the practice becomes a part of your routine!

Columbus Dog Training Reviews

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Testimonial Robyn Daughtry

Wow where do I begin.. We sent our 1 1/2year old Rottweiler to Marcum and all I can say is THANK YOU! Our baby boy began to show signs of severe aggression and lack of obedience. We were recommended to do the 20 day program which we jumped right onboard with. Once training ended we legit had a brand new dog, had he not been excited to see me I would have been convinced he didn’t belong to us. He came back transformed with such a short turn around. He has begun to regain his trust in us as confident dog owners.

This transformation was one that I could have only imagined. Before sending my baby away I was so stressed daily with his constant behavioral issues, walking him was a nightmare and having company rarely existed. As of today his walks are so structured, and now I can feel more relaxed when having visitors in our home. As we continue down this road to correct I am want to thank the Marcum team for their outstanding work and dedication to get our Boss baby on the path to corrected behavior. Hands down the greatest investment I could have made

– Robyn Daughtry