Puppy Training

Professional Puppy Training in Columbus, Ohio

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At Marcum K9, we believe that early training is crucial for raising a well-behaved and happy puppy. Our professional puppy training program in Columbus, Ohio is designed to help you and your furry friend establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of obedience and love.

Why Choose Professional Puppy Training?

Your puppy’s behavior is shaped during their first 8 to 14 weeks of life, making this the perfect time to start training. Our team of experienced trainers has helped countless local dog owners teach their puppies important commands and behaviors that will last a lifetime. Not only do we provide training from the beginning, but we also offer ongoing support to help with any behavioral changes down the road.

Our Approach to Puppy Training

At Marcum K9, we use a treat-based training approach that rewards your puppy for paying attention and performing simple tasks upon command. This not only teaches them to respond to your voice and recognize commands but also helps to engage in appropriate behavior. By starting your puppy off with the right skills, you can shape them into the dog your family will grow with and love for years to come.

Puppy Preschool at Marcum K9

Our puppy preschool program is designed to help your furry friend learn essential skills and behaviors through fun and engaging training sessions. Our trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior and reward your puppy for a job well done.

Ready to get started on your pup’s education? Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our expert trainers. We can’t wait to help you and your puppy get on the right track!

Our Dog Training Videos

Here are some examples of the techniques our Columbus area dog trainers use with puppies just like yours!

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The Marcum K9 Training Process

From obedience basics to specialized skills, our expert trainers guide every paw toward success, ensuring each session is as exciting as rewarding.

Arrange a Consultation

During your initial training consultation at our Canal Winchester facility, we will assess your dog's temperament, any training skills it may already know, and the most significant challenges you're currently facing.

Training Programs

We understand that each dog is unique, and so are their needs. As we discuss your needs and goals for dog training, our staff will help you devise a plan of attack to get your four-legged friend trained in no time!

Training Classes

The time has come to start the training process. Whether we teach you and your dog one-on-one or enroll in group puppy classes, our expert trainers are there for you along the way! 

Training Maintenance

The work isn’t done once the dog training classes are complete! If you do not use the techniques learned in the training program, your dog can lose the skill over time. Make it a habit to use the commands daily with your dog so the practice becomes a part of your routine!

Columbus Dog Training Reviews

Your feedback matters! We thrive on hearing feedback from our clients about how our services have impacted their lives!

If you're a former or current dog-training customer in the Central Columbus area, we’d love for you to share your experience on Facebook and Google! Not only do we love hearing client testimonials, but it’s also helpful for new customers! Sharing your experience can give them confidence in choosing Marcum K9 for their dog training needs.

Testimonial Nate Will

“We sent both of our Danes to Marcum K9. Two Danes, and two completely different dogs. One was six and our sweet little old lady. The other was 9 months old and a wild child. Garrett did an amazing job with both of them and the changes have been remarkable. Garrett has followed up with us multiple times after their training and has responded quickly with any questions/concerns that my wife and I have had over the months since the training. I would highly recommend Marcum K9 and Garrett. The best money we have ever spent.”

– Nate Will

Puppy Training FAQ’S

What is the age limit or best age for puppy training lessons?

Puppy training starts at 8 weeks starting with puppy lessons and goes until they are 6 months with the puppy program. After 6 months, dogs are capable of completing advanced training. Our trainers have years of experience helping puppies turn into well-mannered, attentive dogs. Read our reviews to hear from more dog owners just like you!

How can I expect my puppy to behave after training?

Through our course, your puppy will be attentive and well-mannered. During our training and evaluation program, we will ensure that all dogs that come to Marcum have the best results. Each class has been specifically designed by our Columbus area dog professionals.

Will my puppy need more private training later?

The way our school is designed it sets the dog up for life, and all trainers are with you for lifetime support after program completion. We know that every dog is different, which is why we are here for any need you may have in the future! Contact us today for more information.

Are there certain breeds that need more professional puppy training?

It’s not certain breeds that need more training, but what you will be using your dog for. For instance, if you have working dogs, therapy dogs, or service dogs, they may need more training and boarding due to the nature of their work.

How long is puppy training class?

It will depend on your specific puppy, but our professional dog training can take anywhere from 5-15 days. We do our best to work with every puppy and learn more about them, which helps us train them better and have them be the best, well-mannered dogs you could ask for.