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Board & Train

Board & Train

Dogs learn by repetition, making board and train programs a valuable tool for owners. Let Marcum K9 Obedience do the hard part for you! During their stay with us, your dog will spend their days learning all the new material.

Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Imprinting future behaviors will make future training a breeze and give you more enjoyment of your new puppy. We also address puppy behaviors such as potty training, play biting, jumping, crate training, and more.
Puppy Training

Aggressive Dog Training

Curb your dogs aggressive behavior through targeted communication methods that help control your pet’s emotional response to a situation, while giving you confidence to take your pet out in public safely.


Service Dog Training

Start living your best life by helping yourself or a family member by having your dog trained to be a service dog that helps with disabilities and impairments for physical, mental, sensory, emotional and other needs.

The Marcum K9 Training Process

From obedience basics to specialized skills, our expert trainers guide every paw toward success, ensuring each session is as exciting as rewarding.

Arrange a Consultation

During your initial training consultation at our Canal Winchester facility, we will assess your dog's temperament, any training skills it may already know, and the most significant challenges you're currently facing.

Training Programs

We understand that each dog is unique, and so are their needs. As we discuss your needs and goals for dog training, our staff will help you devise a plan of attack to get your four-legged friend trained in no time!

Training Classes

The time has come to start the training process. Whether we teach you and your dog one-on-one or enroll in group puppy classes, our expert trainers are there for you along the way! 

Training Maintenance

The work isn’t done once the dog training classes are complete! If you do not use the techniques learned in the training program, your dog can lose the skill over time. Make it a habit to use the commands daily with your dog so the practice becomes a part of your routine!

Columbus Dog Training Reviews

Your feedback matters! We thrive on hearing feedback from our clients about how our services have impacted their lives!

If you're a former or current dog-training customer in the Central Columbus area, we’d love for you to share your experience on Facebook and Google! Not only do we love hearing client testimonials, but it’s also helpful for new customers! Sharing your experience can give them confidence in choosing Marcum K9 for their dog training needs.

Lisa & Ray

We decided to take our German Shepherd, Ray to Marcum K9 Obedience after he ran after a stray dog one morning. I was so fearful of what could have happened. We met with Allison on a Saturday afternoon and decided to do the 15 day board and train. We dropped him off the following Tuesday. I was so scared and sad to leave my best friend but also confident I was doing the right thing. They sent me daily updates via text messages and videos. I saw immediate improvement but again was fearful that I would not be able to continue once he came home.

On his 1st birthday, 15 days after dropping him off we went for our training and pick up. I’m pretty sure the humans are the hardest to train. Allison told us his anxiety and aggression was fear and lack of confidence mostly. We took him home and gave him lots of hugs!!! Every day the rest of the week I worked him on the commands she taught us. He had his little issues (or were they mine) but he did amazing!! The first weekend we had to spend more time with him we took him to the park and to a couple drive through lines around other people and animals. He did amazing. He still started to show aggression but was easily brought back to being able to focus on me and not the distractions. We cannot say enough things about Marcum K9 Obedience. The team they have both human and non are amazing. We are looking forward to our continued learning with them in the future. I will forever be grateful for giving me and Raymond the confidence to be our best!!!!

– Lisa & Ray