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Our Training Graduates

Lexie: A 4 Month Old Pitbull/Chihuahua Mix


Pitbull Chihuahua Mix
Age: 4 Months
5-Day Board & Train

Allison was fantastic with our sweet girl Lexi who is 4 months old. She did the 5 day board and train and we are so happy with her progress in such a short amount of time. Lexi was a jumper and biter (especially with my poor daughter). She has been home 1 day and I already see a major difference. She is listening to us so much more. Of course we need to keep up with the commands so she doesn’t forget, but without Marcum K9 things probably wouldn’t have gotten better for a long time. I would highly recommend Marcum K9 to anyone who has a dog that needs extra special attention. They truly love what they do and the dogs learn so much!–

One Happy Customer

Mila: A 1 Year Old Dogo Argentino


Dogo Argentino
Age: 1 Year
15-Day Board & Train

This is our Baby Girl Milagro aka “Mila” She is a very smart, sweet Dogo Argentino that had bad anxiety and fear of strangers and other animals. We were at our breaking point with her and thought we had no where else to turn. My husband then came across this site and told me about it, so we began watching all the videos. I said there is no way Mila will tolerate that, let alone be calm around other dogs/people. So we decided to go and speak to Allison because what did we have to lose? After being there for 10 mins I knew this was the best possible option not only for our Mila, but us as well. I will admit, she is my baby and I wasn’t sure if I could go 15 days with out her and almost backed out. My husband of course did not agree and so we dropped our baby off for the 15 day board and train and let me tell you, the change in her is unbelievable as you see in these videos. She is 100% a different dog with more confidence, little to no fear and completely the Mila we were wishing for, and the dog she actually wanted and deserved to be. If you have any issues with your fur babies, don’t give up on them, call Allison. I promise you that you will get the dog you wanted and your dog will also thank you for doing it!! Thank you again Allison, we would not have made it this far with out you!!!

Danielle C.

Master: A 4 Year Old Belgian Tervuren


Belgian Tervuren
Age: 4 Years
15-Day Board & Train

Let me say that I have trained and shown Belgian Sheepdogs for over 20 years. Due to some negative experiences and a few health issues with myself I was unable to get my current Belgian to feel comfortable in the show ring. I was impressed when I saw Allison walking 3 excellently trained, well behaved Belgian Malinois’ at a local park. I saw her business sign on her truck and quickly looked her up.

Since my dog was already obedience trained Allison was able to customize his training to meet his needs. After he spent 15 days with Allison I have seen a big improvement . My dog has increased confidence and is better behaved. While with Allison he received excellent care and training and went on many outings . Allison was able to give him the training he needed to further his career. She stayed in touch sending pics and videos every day.

I am extremely particular about the care of my dog . I highly recommend Marcum K9 obedience. My dog came home a better dog.

Wendy R.

Jack: An 8 Month Old Sheltie


Shetland Sheepdog
Age: 8 Months
10-Day Board & Train

I took my 8 month Sheltie to Marcum K9 and it was the best decision EVER! He learned so much in 10 days that it is truly unbelievable. Jack now will come when called, stay and place and much more. Libby did an excellent job with him. She taught me the proper commands and we practiced what he had learned the day I picked him up. The training contiunes when your dog comes home but you NOW have the tools to continue what your dog has been trained to do.They will answer your texts or emails during the training and after your dog is home. They send you pictures and videos during the dogs training. They truly love dogs it is so apparent. If you are hesitating DON’T….it is worth every penny. Wonderful and loving people. An A class group of folks!!! A+++++++ 5 STARS!

Patti B.

Kaos: A 1 Year Old German Shepherd


German Shepherd
Age: 1 Year
15-Day Board & Train

I went through a long list of interviews with trainers and facilities and chose to use Marcum K9 Obedience to help my dog with some basic bad behaviors and to help socialize and improve on his confidence. I am so happy I went with this facility because of the family atmosphere and love they give to both the owners and pets they train. The staff was quick to respond and prepared a training plan and expectations are written down along with pictures, videos and daily updates. The staff also extend there willingness to follow up with his training even after he left the facility and are more then willing to help educate and answer any questions that may come up even after the training was completed. My dog now has a better quality of life being able to be social around people and other pets along with being able to come with me to various venues and share in the family fun.

Curtis B.

The Marcum K9 Process

Our expert dog trainers in central Ohio will successfully correct behavioral issues such as jumping, leash pulling, setting boundaries, listening, potty training and more.

Schedule a Consultation

During your Consultation, one of our dog trainers will meet with you and your pooch at our in-home training facility in Canal Winchester, Ohio. We'll assess your dog's level of obedience, get to know their behavior and speak with you about your goals.

Create a Program

Every dog is different. Based on your goals and your dog's needs, we'll devise a training plan that will quickly and effectively transform your dog into the well-behaved, attentive, and calm companion you've always wanted.

Dog & Owner Training

Whether you choose board & train, group training, or a private training session, our trainers will treat your dog as if it were their own, and will instruct you on how to use trigger words and how to control your voice to assert your authority.

Maintain Your Training

At the end of the training program, your dog will be a Marcum K9 graduate. How they use their training depends on how well you maintain what we've taught them AND you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us anytime.

Dog Gone Good Reviews

We love hearing about how our dog training programs have changed our clients' lives.

We love getting feedback from our customers! Reviews on Google and Facebook not only make us feel good about the work we do for your family, but they give other dog owners peace of mind about coming to train with the Marcum K9 team.

Testimonial Gen McCarty

If you’re on the fence about Marcum, I hope this review helps you. I was skeptical about board and train because I felt like I had the most stubborn dog on the planet and there was no way anyone could get him to listen. Fast forward to 20 days later and I am in awe at how much Gunner has changed. Sierra and Garrett turned my anxious dog into a confident one! Gunner used to bark at the slightest noise, beg during every meal, counter surfed, had 0 door manners, and pulled me during our walks. He’s now the most obedient dog and I can’t thank Marcum enough for improving both our quality of life! I appreciate Marcum for giving me daily updates during his training and giving us a packet of activities/homework to do so we can reinforce everything he’s learned. Great job Team and Keep up the good work! ☺️

– Gen McCarty