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How to Pick Out the Right Dog

Picking out a new pet is an important decision. They will be a part of your life for many years to come. You should put a lot of thought into adding a new dog to your family for both your own happiness, and for your new dogs.

First thing to consider: what do you want out of your new companion? Do you want a friend to hang around the house with, a high level sport dog, or somewhere in the middle? What you want out of your new dog will greatly influence the dog you should get. Make sure that you are compatible and that this dog will fit into your lifestyle. If not, then you need to understand the needs of the dog you are getting and be willing to adapt to them. Be realistic with yourself, and keep these goals in mind while searching for your new dog.

Next question, do you want a puppy or an adult? Younger adult or senior? Once again, be honest with yourself about what will fit best into your family. There are pros and cons to all options with things to consider being energy levels, time commitments, potty training, and many other aspects.

From here, you are ready to decide if you want to go to a responsible breeder, or to a rescue. This is personal preference and many people feel differently about this choice. Whichever option you pick, be sure you are getting the dog from a responsible breeder or a responsible rescue. When you go to look at the puppies or dogs, have your research done and ask a lot of questions. Be sure you are obtaining your new dog from reputable people you trust.

Now it is time to pick out your new dog! Here, refer back to the first step when you picked out the qualities that you wanted in a pet. Be sure to consider this and research the breed of dog or qualities of a dog you are getting and match them to what you want. If you have a compatible dog, your relationship will be smoother from the beginning. Size, energy levels, temperament, and coat maintenance are all things to consider more important than looks. This will help you to pick out the perfect dog for you.