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Puppy Training

Dog Training Reynoldsburg Ohio

Professional Puppy & Dog Trainers Near Reynoldsburg Ohio

We believe that dog training is as much for the dog as it is for the dog owners. When we train a dog or puppy we work with your pet to create consistencies in behavior and obedience that help you both to live a happier life together. Through our private training services we offer puppy classes, service dog classes, aggressive dog training. We offer a board and training service where professional dog trainers immerse the dog in our training programs. In our training classes a professional dog trainer with experience training many dog breeds will work with your dog or puppy regardless of their age. We offer a puppy training course near Reynoldsburg to establish obedience early on in the dog’s life.

Marcum K9 Dog Training Services

Through our unique training programs our staff dedicated time to provide thorough obedience and behavioral lessons. We can correct behavioral problems even with a young puppy. Most commonly we help with leash pulling, jumping, listening, boundaries, potty training, and more.
Board Training

Board Training

We have found consistency and repetition in our training programs to be very successful. With Boarding and training we are able to immerse your dog or puppy into our dog training program and instill obedience skills and life skills that will improve your dog’s quality of life. Dogs in this program will learn through consistent repetition and will create positive habits that will stay with them forever.
Young Puppy Training

Young Puppy Training

Puppy training is an important part of a new dog’s life. We truly believe that a dog and owner should be able to enjoy their time together during the puppy stage and through our puppy training programs can help your dog learn essential obedience behaviors. Our dog trainers handle crate training, potty training, puppy nipping/biting, jumping, and more. As a puppy going through our puppy obedience program they will be even more fun to spend time with!
Aggressive Dog Training

Training Aggressive Dogs

Aggressive behavior from dogs can be exhausting to deal with. Aggressive dog obedience training can help correct aggressive behavior. We provide not only obedience training but teach helpful communication techniques to assist in unpredictable situations. It is our goal that any aggressive dog that goes through our program will have more control over their emotions and will have better focus on the owner’s commands. Through our intentional training program you can again feel safe taking your dog in public.
Service Dog Training

Training Service Dog

Service dogs are an excellent resource for those with any impairments, disabilities, or with other needs. Dogs are an excellent companion and through our service dog training program they will learn to assist your individual needs, along with obedience training to ensure they won’t become distracted while you rely on them for help. Sign your dog up for Service Dog Training to provide them with the lessons they need to best assist you with your daily life.

How We Train Young Puppies

With our puppy training and puppy preschool services we utilize a reward-based training technique to instill obedience and attentiveness in your dog at a young age. By teaching dogs they will be rewarded for responding to commands and good behavior at an early age it will become instilled into their personality as they mature. Dogs that are taught these skills early on find it easier to grow with your family and maintain good behavior and obedience. Through our puppy preschool training every dog learns through an engaging group process. If you’re looking for dog training for your young dog or puppy we can place them in a group to help them develop obedience skills that will last a lifetime.

Our Puppy Training Process

Young puppies can struggle to catch on to listening to commands, being attentive, and understanding boundaries. With our puppy training services we put young dogs through rigorous training that is rewarding and fun. At our dog training facility near Reynoldsburg Ohio we work with puppies of any breed to correct unwanted behaviors like jumping, leash pulling and provide new skills like potty training, understanding boundaries, and general listening. Our dog training process has been rigorously adapted and improved over years to create services that yield lasting results. Each training professional on our staff has undergone extensive training to ensure they’re providing a solid training and education for your dog. If you’re in the Reynoldsburg area and are looking for a dog obedience school for your puppy, schedule a consultation with Marcum K9!

Training Consultation

During consultation sessions a trainer will get to know both you and your dog to understand your needs. We will assess your dog and their behavior, level of obedience, and learn how you two communicate.

Custom Training Plans

Each dog has unique needs which will inform our dog training plan. We create a custom plan for each dog to ensure they are getting the training to best suit their breed, communication style, and find techniques that work for both your dog and you.

Training Dogs & Owners

Training dogs can include helping the owners learn how to command and guide their dog as well. Through private training, boarding training, and group dog training we will teach your dog to respect others and follow commands. We also work with owners to be sure they’re able to use the tools we provide effectively

Sticking With Training

After your dog has gone through dog training, has had behavioral issues corrected, and has learned to follow communication and commands they will graduate from our training program. After we offer ongoing services for dog training to make sure there’s no behavioral regression. We stick with clients for as long as they need!

Local Professional Dog Training Team

As dog lovers ourselves we have studied how important dog training can be to the quality of life a dog will have. We begin by observing their behavior to understand what the dog needs in order to correct their behavior and train them to live a fulfilling and happy life with their owners. We believe in creating a healthy environment for dogs and puppies to learn and grow together. If you are searching for dog training around Reynoldsburg, Ohio we would be happy to talk with you about our dog training services, dog obedience programs, and give you a better idea of our approach to training.

Testimonial Nate Will

“We sent both of our Danes to Marcum K9. Two Danes, and two completely different dogs. One was six and our sweet little old lady. The other was 9 months old and a wild child. Garrett did an amazing job with both of them and the changes have been remarkable. Garrett has followed up with us multiple times after their training and has responded quickly with any questions/concerns that my wife and I have had over the months since the training. I would highly recommend Marcum K9 and Garrett. The best money we have ever spent.”

– Nate Will